[Expired] Postdoctoral position at the “Département de Chimie Moléculaire”, Grenoble

A 2-year postdoctoral position in chemistry is available at the “Département de Chimie Moléculaire” of Grenoble. The project is about “Calixarene Molybdenum based (electro)catalysts for ammonia production under mild conditions”. The position is financed by the “Agence nationale de la recherche” (ANR). Further information about the position and the project is available by contacting Dr. Marcello Gennari (e-mail:Marcello.Gennari@ujf-grenoble.fr).

PROFILE: PhD in chemistry with a good experience in organic synthesis and coordination chemistry (synthesis under inert atmosphere – Schlenk, glove box, characterization of metal complexes, reactivity studies on metal complexes). Knowledge in electrochemistry (cyclic voltammetry) and in NMR and EPR spectroscopies will be appreciated. Experience in catalysis or electrocatalysis is welcome but not mandatory.

Web: http://dcm.ujf-grenoble.fr/