[Expired] PhD position in Marseille: electrochemical studies of the mechanism of hydrogenases

Our group investigates the function and maturation of various metalloenzymes. This project is concerned with hydrogenases, the enzymes that oxidize and produce H2. They are studied in various contexts ranging from fundamental catalysis to the design of biofuel cells. We are interested in all steps in their catalytic mechanisms: long distance electron transfer, active site chemistry, reaction with inhibitors such as O2, interaction with light. We seek to understand the molecular basis of some of the global properties of redox enzymes, including catalytic bias and resistance to chemical stress. We have developed new methodologies that make it possible to use electrochemistry for studying certain steps in the catalytic mechanism that may be difficult to probe using conventional techniques.

The PhD student will use direct electrochemistry and other kinetic methods to study various aspects of the reactivity of NiFe hydrogenases produced in our lab. The project focuses on the molecular aspects of catalysis, using an interdisciplinary collaboration between chemists and biochemists/molecular biologists.

The candidate will have a background in physical chemistry or biochemistry. They will speak english and will be interested in the pluridisciplinary approach that we develop.

The position will start in october 2020.

To apply, please send to a CV and the contact details of two former advisors.

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