[Expired] PhD funding on the experimental and theoretical investigation of polynuclear bio-inspired copper complexes

The proposed project involves a combined experimental (synthesis, spectroscopy) and theoretical (DFT) approach.

We are seeking for a PhD candidate to work on copper chemistry.
In this project we aim at designing bioinspired polynuclear copper complexes, as well as at understanding their redox, spectroscopic, electronic and magnetic properties, in relation with the corresponding enzymatic systems. The proposed project therefore involves a combined experimental and theoretical approach. Such combination of synthesis, spectroscopy and theory aims at understanding the properties and functions of the bioinorganic sites, and finally to inform the synthesis of improved and potentially functional analogues of biological multicopper sites.
The student will be hosted in the BiosCiences group at iSm2 in Marseille for a 3-year PhD contract from Aix- Marseille to begin in October 2018. There is also the possibility to teach during this 3-year contract. The BiosCiences group will provide a multidisciplinary environment and has already strong expertise in combining both experimental and theoretical approaches to study bioinspired metal complexes as well as metal-containing enzymes.

KeyWords: copper-biomimetic model – synthesis – spectroscopy- quantum chemistry
Web: http://ism2.univ-amu.fr/fr/annuaire/biosciences/oriomaylis