[Expired] Post doc au LEM, Paris

“New intercalating redox probes for electrochemical real-time PCR : towards a rational and predictive approach for affinity between organometallic molecules and double-strand DNA”

The aim of this post-doctoral work is to use molecular modelling and quantum chemistry methods to describe the intercalating probe / DNA interactions by providing atomic-level structural information such as the binding site or the interaction type. Within this framework, a two-step methodology based on i) Molecular Dynamics (MD) and ii) hybrid quantum mechanics and molecular mechanics (QM/MM) methods will be developed. In close contact with the electrochemical experiments, this computational protocol will then be used to (i) model and rationalize the relationship between the probe structure, the conditions (temperature, ionic strength, pH) and the affinity constant and then (ii) propose, within this framework, optimized intercalating probes. The post-Doc will also perform electrochemical measurements to measure the analytical performance of new intercalating probes.

The successful candidate must hold a PhD in Molecular Modelling or quantum chemistry (applied to bio- or nano- systems). An extensive expertise in computer simulations of (bio)molecules using MD techniques is required. The candidate will also be led to perform electrochemical measurements.

Interested applicants should send a detailed CV and two reference letters to :