L’équipe de RMN des substances biologiques du Laboratoire de Chimie et Biochimie Pharmacologiques et Toxicologiques de Paris rejoint le GIS FrenchBIC

Nicolas Giraud, Gildas Bertho, Mathieu Baudin, Covadonga Lucas-Torres, Cedric Caradeuc, Karen Dos Santos, Xi Chen.

The research group on NMR of Biological Substances develops analytical methods based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance that we apply to the study of biological systems of major interest. Our research activity covers a wide range of projects ranging from the study of the interaction of small molecules with proteins, to the metabolomic analysis of biological fluids. These projects are carried out in the frame of several collaborations with laboratories working in the fields of organic and bioinorganic chemistry, structural biology or medical research.

Over the last years, our group has brought several contributions to the field of biomolecular interactions analysis, with a focus on the understanding of dynamic association processes involving lanthanide complexes or other inorganic polyanions such as polyoxometalates (POM) with proteins and peptides, including intrinsically disordered peptides (IDPs).

Contact: Nicolas Giraud