[Expired] Postdoc Position (2 years) in Bio/Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry in Strasbourg on “Luminescent Sensor to Detect the Labile Cu(II)-Pool, a Diagnostic Parameter for Wilson’s and Alzheimer’s diseasethe project”

The project’s aim is to elaborate a luminescent Cu(II)-sensor, that is able to measure specifically labile/exchangeable Cu(II)-concentrations in biological systems, from simpler cell culture medium to the challenging blood plasma. Such a Cu(II)-sensor would be very useful as a tool to understand the Cu metabolism and might have applications for diagnosis of diseases with increased exchangeable Cu pool concentrations such as Wilson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. The project incolves a consortium with several collaborators from different disciplines, including group from the hospital for relevant blood plasma samples.

Web: https://bcb.chimie.unistra.fr/