[Expired] CDD 12 mois/Ingénieur de reherche pour l’intégration de catalyseurs alternatifs en électrolyse de production d’hydrogène

Implementation of noble metal-free catalytic nanomaterials in water splitting electrolyzers

The project deals with the integratation of original and innovative composite materials based on amorphous molybdenum sulfide as cathode materials of PEM electrolyzers. The workplan includes (1) the optimization of the formulation of these catalytic materials and their assembly in polymer-membranes, (2) the assessment of their performance and quantification of their stability during long-term tests performed under realistic operating conditions, (3) the upscale their production thanks to a newly developed synthetic process and (4) their implementation in a noble-metal-free PEMEL prototype.

This research project will be developed in the framework of a collaborative project with Toyota Motor Europe