[Expired] Strasbourg: PhD project on the creation of infrared labels for the study of the conformational change in membrane proteins from the respiratory chain

[Expired] Strasbourg: PhD project on the creation of infrared labels for the study of the conformational change in membrane proteins from the respiratory chain

The Bioelectrochemistry and Vibrational Spectroscopy Group in chemistry department of the University of Strasbourg in France, offers a PhD position, to work on an exciting, multi-disciplinary project. The group has expertise in a variety of research areas including infrared / THz, Raman spectroscopy and electrochemistry applied on proteins.

We invite applications from highly motivated individuals who hold latest in summer this year a master degree (or equivalent) and who are available to start in September 2016. The project is a part of an ambitious research program that aims on the infrared spectroscopic study of conformational movements in membrane proteins from the respiratory by introducing a –CN label in critical positions. The project provides an unique opportunity for the successful candidate to engage in interdisciplinary research using a variety of experimental techniques at the interface between physical chemistry and biophysics.

The project will focus on the spectroscopic visualization of domain movements that play a crucial role in the catalytic reaction of several enzymes, more specifically in ATPase and the NADH:ubiquinone reductase. In order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the functional role of the rearrangements on molecular level and in order to determine the specific structural environment required the movements need to be visualized. Here we suggest setting up infrared probes based on nitrile- and thiocyanate-derivatized amino acids, since they are significantly smaller and thus less perturbative for the structures and the catalytic activity.

The samples will be characterized by means of UV-Vis, fluorescence and a combined electrochemical and infrared spectroscopic approach. The protein samples will be prepared in collaboration with biochemistry laboratories at the university of Freiburg and Jena in Germany.

The applicant should hold a master degree or equivalent, and have a background in biophysics or physical chemistry. Strong interest in spectroscopy and biochemistry is desirable. Applicants should have excellent communication skills and sufficient command of English.

The successful candidate will be recruited in the Bioelectrochemistry and Spectroscopy group of Prof. Dr. Petra Hellwig, within the UMR 7140 (chimie de la matière complexe) at the university of Strasbourg.

The laboratory is located on the central campus of the university of Strasbourg; The university is part of the upper Rhine area that includes a number of excellent universities.

For application and further information, please send a cover letter along with a CV, the results of your master, a short description of your motivation and other research activities and including the contact details of two references to . The documents sent should not exceed 5 MB.

Main research field : Chemistry/ Biological sciences


  • Type of contract : Temporary
  • Status : Full-time
  • Company / Institute : Université de Strasbourg
  • Country : France
  • City : Strasbourg
  • Postal Code : 67000
  • Street : 4 rue Blaise Pascal
  • Envisaged job starting date : 01/10/2016
  • Application deadline : 30/05/2019