[Expired] Doctoral position: Assembly machinery of the nitrogenase active site (CEA – Institut de Biologie Structurale – Groupe Métalloprotéines)

A doctoral position is available in the Metalloproteins Unit (MU) at the Institut de Biologie
Structurale (IBS) in Grenoble – France to work on the structural study of the assembly machinery of the nitrogenase active site.

Nitrogenase, a key player in the global nitrogen cycle, is present in nitrogen-fixing organisms, where it converts dinitrogen into ammonia using highly sophisticated metalloclusters. The FeMo-co active site corresponds to a [MoFe7S9C-R-homocitrate] center and is synthesized by a dedicated assembly machinery involving different proteins acting in concert like a production line. In this project we aim at addressing the mechanism of this complex machinery along two main axes. The first one corresponds to the study of the chemical mechanism of specific enzymes that are key in the FeMo-co production. The second one focuses on the intermolecular interactions between different components of the machinery to address the molecular mechanisms involved in component additions and cluster transfers. To do so, we aim at combining structural biology approaches, computational chemistry, spectroscopy and in vitro functional analyses to decipher the FeMo-co assembly mechanism. The candidate will focus on the mechanism of the synthesis of the FeMo-co precursor NifB-co and be in charge of the protein production and structural characterization using X-ray crystallography as a chief-tool. Our laboratory is fully equipped with state-of-the-art gloveboxes to work under anaerobic conditions “from gene to structure”.

The candidate will benefit from a highly stimulating environment to afford a future career either in academia or in R&D. The candidate should hold a Master degree in structural biology or equivalent and some previous wet-lab experimental experience. He/she should have good knowledge in protein expression and purification. A strong background in chemistry and enzyme mechanisms would be an advantage. We are looking for a highly enthusiastic and open-minded candidate with good communication skills who likes to work in a multidisciplinary team. This corresponds to a 3-year contract with a monthly gross salary of 2 043.54 € (1st and 2nd years) and 2 104.62 € (3rd year). Starting date: October 2020

See here for further information.

To apply, please provide a detailed resume, transcripts of records, a cover letter and two reference letters to Yvain Nicolet, head of the Metalloproteins group. You can contact him for further information (+33 4 57 42 86 03).