[Expired] 22nd International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry

July 8–13, 2018 in Budapest/Hungary

The 22nd International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry (ICPC) will be held on July 8–13, 2018 in Budapest/Hungary. Budapest is in the heart of Europe, and may be approached easily.

All fields of phosphorus chemistry will be considered from basic to applied and industrial areas including interdisciplinic fields. The conference is organized jointly with the Hungarian Chemical Society.

 Topics to be covered:

  • New reagents and methods in organophosphorus syntheses
  • Organophosphorus compounds in catalysis/catalysts
  • Organophosphorus coordination chemistry
  • Environmentally-friendly (‘green’) organophosphorus chemistry
  • Enantioselective syntheses/optically active organophosphorus compounds
  • Inorganic phosphorus chemistry
  • Biologically active organophosphorus compounds
  • Theoretical aspects of organophosphorus chemistry
  • Phosphorus in life science
  • Industrial organophosphorus chemistry