[Expired] PhD thesis in Lille: Developing dosimetry tools with Electron Paramagnetic Resonance spectroscopy (EPR) and chemometrics in the framework of radiological accidents or malevolent acts.

Duration: 3 years

Starting date: free to begin between September and December 2019

Localization: University of Lille (North of France).

PhD advisors: L. Duponchel (LASIR Lab, ) and F. Trompier (IRSN, ).

This research is part of a continuous collaboration between the LASIR Lab at the University of Lille and The French Institute for Radiological Protection and Reactor Safety (IRSN). The three years thesis work will be focused on the development of new chemometric tools for the exploration of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance spectra in the framework of dosimetry. More precisely we will try to quantify radicals from human biological specimens (bones, nails, tooth enamel…) in order to identify individuals exposed to ionizing radiation and determine the received exposure doses during radiological accidents or malevolent acts. It is obvious that no radioactive materials will be manipulated during the thesis. Indeed potential exposure of materials will observed through the presence of radicals in harmless inert samples.