[Expired] Post-doc offer: electrochemical studies of CO dehydrogenases

In our group at the BIP (http://bip.cnrs-mrs.fr/bip06/), we use direct electrochemistry as en enzyme kinetics method to study the reactivity of metalloenzymes. Among them, we study the the CO dehydrogenase (CODH), which catalyze the reversible reduction of CO2 to CO: CO2 + 2e + 2H+ ⇔ CO + H2O. Our group is in a unique position for studying this enzyme, since we have access to a number of different CODHs from different organisms, some through collaborations, and some internal to the group. We also can construct variants using site-directed mutagenesis. Preliminary work has already uncovered very significant differences between these enzymes, in spite of a very conserved amino acid sequence.

We recently got funding from the French ANR for a post-doctoral position to understand the molecular origins of the properties of these enzymes.

The candidate will have a background in physical chemistry or biochemistry. They will speak english and will be interested in the pluridisciplinary approach that we develop.

To apply, please send a resume to

Suggested readings:

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