[Expired] Bacterial Electron Transfer Processes and their regulation 2018

Saint Tropez, France from 11-14th March 2018. 

The 9th meeting in the series Bacterial electron transfer processes and their regulation will be held at Hôtel les Jardins, Saint Tropez, France from 11-14th March 2018.

This meeting, organized by the European Federation of Biotechnology Microbial Physiology Section, presents the latest breakthroughs in microbial respiration and its regulation with a particular focus on how respiration has been identified in a number of studies at the frontiers of the field.

Topic areas of abstract submission are:

  • Bioenergetics
  • Metabolism
  • Stress adaptation
  • Respiration of human microbiota
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Host-pathogens relationship
  • Cell biology aspects

The opening Plenary Lecture will be given by P.J.Kiley, Professor and Chair of the Biomolecular Chemistry department at Wisconsin University. Her principal research interest is the signalling pathways and gene expression programs used by bacteria to respond to changes in the levels of oxygen in the environment. Visit the Bacterial Electron Transfer website to learn more about other confirmed speakers!

It is now our great pleasure to invite you and your colleagues, especially PhD students and post-doctoral workers, to join us for the meeting. Our over-riding aim is to enable as many young scientists as possible to meet all of the leaders in this exciting field of research. We also hope that every participant will contribute to the science, if only as a co-author of a poster presentation. For more information, please visit the meeting website at: http://www.efb-central.org/index.php/bacterial_electron_transfer/

BET meeting flyer