[Expired] Girona Seminar 2016: “Predictive Catalysis: Transition-Metal Reactivity by Design”

April 17-20, 2016 in Girona

The Girona Seminars have taken place in the historic town of Girona every two years since 1993, with the aim of bringing together young and senior scientists in a beautiful environment and in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Predictive catalysis. The study of reactions in the homogeneous phase is crucial for providing mechanistic understanding at the atomic level, for which a joint effort by theory and experiment is a must. The Girona Seminar on Predictive Catalysis will showcase the most significant results by leading researchers in the field to share their expertise and recent studies. This sharing of information and knowledge will bring about a learning experience for young researchers who will be able to learn about the state-of-the-art in the field, and present their own results. It will also foster collaborative efforts between participants, which may be complemented through instruments available in national and European mobility programs such as COST.

Fostering young researchers. To make participation in the Girona Seminar and presentation of the results attractive, especially for young investigators, starting with the 2016 edition Posters and Talk Prizes will be introduced for the most outstanding contributions by young researchers.

Plenary speakers:

  • Kara Bren,
  • Andy Borovik,
  • Serena DeBeer,
  • Bas de Bruin,
  • Odile Eisenstein,
  • Ken Houk,
  • Franziska Schoenebeck,
  • Franc Meyer

Web: http://www.gironaseminar.com/