Oral and poster presentation prizes awarded during the 2020 FrenchBIC Webinar

Oral presentation prizes

The four laureates received 200 € each, thanks to the support of the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, for their oral presentation.

Christine Schulz

Enrico Falcone

Christine Schulz works on simulations of metalloenzymes in the group of Prof. Neese at the MPI KoFo. In her talk she presented the a computational study on the Q intermediate of sMMO

Enrico Falcone is PhD student in the laboratory of Biometals and Biological Chemistry at the University of Strasbourg, under the supervision of Prof. Peter Faller. He presented an oral communication entitled “Towards reversible and specific luminescent sensing of Cu(II) in biological media

Phoulinh Chanthavong

Daniela Mendoza-Franzese

Phoulinh Chanthavong works at the DCM (Grenoble) in the CiRE team under the supervis