[Expired] Summer School Catalysis

à Albi du 18 au 21 juin 2019

The objective of this Summer School is to present catalysis as a tool of preference for the development of sustainable processes, respectful to the environment. Catalysis is indeed at the heart of Green Chemistry: atom economy, selectivity and energy economy, transformation of raw materials into targeted products.

The rational optimization of the efficiency of a catalyst requires a thorough knowledge of the reaction mechanism, in order to better identify the action levers. Nowadays, a wide range of techniques and methodologies, both experimental and theoretical, allows carrying out detailed mechanistic studies, essential in norder to choose the most suitable approach for a specific problem.

Catalysts come in a multitude of forms, ranging from atoms and molecules to nano-objects and complex structures such as zeolites or enzymes. In addition, they can be used in a variety of environments, such as in liquids, gases or supported on solids.

This Summer School focuses on understanding how the catalytic processes take place, including cutting-edge techniques, modelling and design of reactors. The activation of small molecules will be presented as an application show-case.

Participants are encouraged to submit posters, which will also be presented by flash communications.