[Expired] EMBO Workshop on Challenges for Magnetic Resonance in Life Sciences

EMBO Workshop on Challenges for Magnetic Resonance in Life Sciences (May
27-June 1, 2018, Principina, Grosseto, Italy)

This Workshop aims at grouping scientists proposing the most advanced NMR and EPR applications together with experts in combining magnetic resonance techniques with other structural tools such as electron microscopy, fluorescence, small angle scattering and mass spectrometry. Their synergistic application and the exploration of potential promising approaches represent key points for improving the description of the structural, dynamic and functional properties of the biomolecules inside living cells and involved in specific cellular pathways, and for addressing some of the major fundamental questions in life sciences.

The main program consists of presentations by world class invited speakers and lectures selected among the participants’ contributions. Two poster sessions will be organized and ample time is scheduled for interactions among the participants in an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere.

Grants opportunities for students participation are available.

For further information about the program and the venue, please visit http://meetings.embo.org/event/18-nmr


We look forward to seeing you in Principina!

Marina Bennati, Marco Fragai and Giacomo Parigi