[Expired] PhD thesis on the catalytic oxidation of alkanes by reactive copper-oxygen adducts (UMR CNRS 6521, Brest)

The objective of the PhD thesis is to develop new mononuclear and dinuclear synthetic models of Cu monooxygenases, in order to catalyze the oxidation of alkanes in the presence of dioxygen. The synthesized complexes will be characterized by various spectroscopic techniques (UV – Vis, IR, EPR, NMR…) and the electron transfer and dioxygen activation process scrutinized by electrochemistry in Brest. Special emphasis will be placed on the characterization of copper-oxygen adducts by cryo-spectroelectrochemical techniques for a full correlation with mechanisms occurring in related Cu enzymes. Immobilization of the Cu complexes onto electrodes will be also developed to perform heterogeneous catalysis.

Web: https://nouveau.univ-brest.fr/spectre/