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[Expired] PhD: Biomimetic reactor: compartmentalizing and coupling the regeneration of the NAD(P)H cofactor and the biocatalytic oxidation of hydrogen

Nancy and Marseille Expires on Friday May 17th, 2019

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[Expired] Post-doctoral Position available in bioinorganic chemistry at LCPM and L2CM laboratories in Nancy

Iron(III)-chelating Model Peptides As Bioinspired Antioxidants Expires on Friday December 14th, 2018

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[Expired] Offre de poste d’IE au laboratoire LIEC de l’université de Lorraine

CDD 12mois – projet européen, avec un profil d’électrochimiste – électroanalyse. Expires on Saturday November 17th, 2018

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[Expired] Post-doctoral position at Nancy, France

Expert in electrochemistry/bioelectrochemistry of redox proteins  Expires on Saturday July 1st, 2017

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