2021 FrenchBIC meeting: abstract submission is open

10 – 13 October 2021, Obernai, France

The next FrenchBIC 2021 will happen from October 10th to 13th 2021 in the VVF Obernai, near Strasbourg.

This year, we will be delighted to welcome our plenary speakers:

  • Gilles Gasser,
  • Jean-Marc Latour,
  • Sandrine Ollagnier de Choudens and
  • Jalila Simaan.

Please pre-register through the plateform Azur-Colloque, ideally before may 31st at the event “FRENCHBIC 2021” https://www.azur-colloque.fr/DR10/inscription/preinscription/58/fr

Once pre-registered, you will be contacted to know if you wish to apply for a communication (oral or poster).

Registration fees are 252 € (210 HT) and 300 € (250 HT) for non-permanent (PhD, Postdoc) and permanent staff (Assistant professor, Professor, Researcher), respectively.

For any question/problem with the registration, please contact Vincent Lebrun ().

NB : FrenchBIC meetings are the occasion to promote young researchers work, therefore, many time slots will be dedicated to PhD students and Postdocs.

Abstract submission

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