[Expired] Chemistry of Metals in Biological Systems (Lisbon)

MAY 12-19, 2019
The role of metals in biological systems is a very complex multidisciplinary subject. Europe has been at the forefront of the research effort on the role of metals in biological systems, and the development of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, as this subject is now termed. In order to ensure that Europe maintains its prime position in this important area, not only with its scientific implications, but also with its enormous social impacts, there is a dire need to train young scientists at this interface between physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and environmental sciences.

In the wake of a long and distinguished series of courses that span more than twenty years, the 2019 edition will gather leading and emerging European experts, some of whom are students in previous runs of the course held in the 90’s. The confined location with the faculty and students lodged in the same hotel where the sessions are taking place is designed to facilitate their interaction. This will also encourage what we feel is one of the primary objectives of this course, which is to build a sense of community among the participants setting the bases for lifelong professional contacts across traditional scientific disciplines.