3rd International Conference on Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer

June 10-14, 2018 in Blowing Rock, North Carolina

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that the 3rd International Conference on Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer (PCET2018) will be held June 10-14, 2018 in Blowing Rock, NC. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, this venue will provide a great backdrop for discussing contemporary topics in proton-coupled electron transfer. Blowing Rock is conveniently located and accessible from the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.
The program is currently being developed and will feature 30 invited speakers in areas including PCET at Materials Interfaces, PCET in Biology, PCET in Energy Catalysis, Fundamentals and Model Systems, Excited-state PCET and Photochemistry, Organic Transformations, PCET of N2 chemistry, and PCET of Oxidation Chemistry!
Attached is the PCE2018 pre-circular. Additional details related to the meeting, including the program, travel, accommodations, and registration will be available at the PCET2018 website. Meeting applications are expected to open November 15, 2017.
Follow us on Twitter for updates as the meeting program develops and registration details become available.
If you know any colleagues who might be interested in attending PCET2018, please forward them this email.
We look forward to seeing you in North Carolina!
Jillian Dempsey, Jim Mayer, Tom Meyer and Alex Miller
Organizing Committee, PCET2018


Expires on Thursday June 14th, 2018