ISABC 2017 free registrations for doctoral and postdoctoral students — results

FrenchBIC offers 8 free registrations to the ISABC meeting to PhD students and post-doctoral researchers, on condition that

Note that other opportunities for funding (SBIC, SCF, IMBG) are listed on the ISABC website.

Free registrations have been awarded to:
  • Marila Alfano, LCBM/BIG/CEA; Biocatalysis; Grenoble, The Activation of carbon monoxide dehydrogenase: CooT and CooJ accessory proteins for nickel insertion
  • Ornella Bimai, Laboratoire de chimie des processus biologiques, Paris, “Study of TtcA-TtuA enzyme family involved in tRNA thiolation”
  • Valentina Borghesani, LCC, Equipe ALZOID, “How the metal ions induce the different aggregation’s pathway in the human and murine Amyloid-beta peptide”
  • Jaione Saez Cabodevilla, Grenoble, “Towards the discovery of new antibacterial agents”
  • Clémence Cheignon, LCC, Equipe ALZOID, Toulouse, “Metal-catalyzed oxidation of Aβ, ROS production and aggregation: an Alzheimer’s Disease story”
  • Melisa del Barrio Redondo, BIP, Marseille, “Oxygen-inactivation in hydrogenases”
  • Thibault Fogeron, Laboratoire de Chimie des processus biologiques, Paris, “A bioinspired Nickel complex for the reduction of CO2 into formate”
  • KAMAL ZEAMARI, BIP, Marseille, “Tuning the redox potential of the first electron transfer relay in the periplasmic nitrate reductase from Rhodobacter sphaeroides”