2023 FrenchBIC meeting (registration is open)

16th – 19th April 2023

Photo Moreau.henri CC BY-SA 4.0

Dear colleagues,

We have the pleasure of announcing that the next annual FrenchBIC meeting will be held in Logonna-Daoulas near Brest from 16th to 19th April 2023.

Plenary speakers:

  • Dr. Myriam Seeman (DR CNRS), Université de Strasbourg
  • Dr. Benoit Colasson (Prof.), Université Paris-Cité
  • Dr. Olivier Sénèque (DR CNRS), CEA Grenoble
  • Dr. Yasmina Mekmouche (CR CNRS), Université Aix-Marseille

Organization committee:

  • Maryline Beyler
  • Lucile Chatelain
  • Bénédicte Douziech
  • Isabelle L’Hostis
  • Noémie Lalaoui
  • Nicolas Le Poul
  • Thibault Troadec
  • Raphaël Tripier
  • Laurianne Wojcik

We look forward to seeing you there,

The organization committee,




Sunday 16 April 4.00 pm – Wednesday 19 April 12.00 pm


Centre nautique Moulin-Mer, Logonna-Daoulas, https://www.moulin-mer.fr/


  • At Moulin-Mer center (single/double rooms)

Please note that the Moulin-Mer center can only propose 43 rooms for expected 80 participants. In consequence, we kindly ask the participants to ask for a shared double room when possible. In case of too many requests for single rooms, the organizing committee gives itself the right to change single-room demands to double-room ones, with fees discount. Thank you!

We recommend you to book as soon as possible your accommodation because many other events will occur in the Brest area at this time of the year.


Bus shuttles to/from the conference center
  • Sunday 16 April
    • Bus shuttle #1 will leave Brest airport at 2.35 pm, stop at Brest train station at 3.00 pm and arrive at the conference center around 3.45 pm.
    • Bus shuttle #2 will leave Brest airport at 6.20 pm, stop at Brest train station at 6.45 pm and arrive at the conference center around 7.30 pm.
  • Wednesday 19 April
    • Bus shuttle #1 will leave the conference center at 12.00 pm and will go directly to Brest airport (arrival at 12.45 approx.).
    • Bus shuttle #2 will leave the conference center at 12.00 pm and will go directly to Brest train station (arrival at 12.45 approx.).

Arrival times at Brest airport on Sunday 16 April:

  • From Paris: 10.25 am (AF); 1.00 pm (AF); 6.15 pm (AF); 10.30 pm (AF)
  • From Lyon: 5.05 pm (AF); 5.45 pm (EasyJet); 9.00 pm (AF)
  • From Marseille: 10.20 am (Transavia)

Departure times from Brest airport on Wednesday 19 April:

  • To Paris: 6.10 am (AF); 10.30 am (AF); 11.15 am (AF); 7.05 pm (AF)
  • To Lyon: 6.00 am (AF); 12.40 pm (EasyJet); 2.25 pm (AF); 6.45 pm (AF)
  • To Marseille: 10.40 am (updated) (Transavia)

N.B. the Brest city center can be accessed through the airport-shuttle-bus and tramway network (see https://www.brest.aeroport.bzh/airport_shuttle_bus)


Arrival times at Brest train station on Sunday 16 April after 10.00 am:

  • From Paris: 10.32 am; 12.43 pm; 2.47 pm; 6.13 pm; 6.37 pm; 8.18 pm
    • From Nantes (via Redon and Quimper): 2.05 pm; 8.18 pm
    • From Rennes: 10.32 am; 12.43 pm; 2.47 pm; 3.50 pm; 4.55 pm; 6.13 pm
  • Departure times from Brest train station on Wednesday 19 April after 12.00 pm:
    • To Paris: 1.31 pm; 2.14 pm; 3.32 pm; 5.22 pm; 7.22 pm
    • To Nantes (via Quimper and Redon): 02.15 pm; 4.25 pm
    • To Rennes: 1.06 pm; 1.31 pm; 2.14 pm; 3.32 pm; 5.22 pm; 6.06 pm

Centre Moulin-Mer 29460 Logonna-Daoulas: GoogleMap
Approx. 2h40 from Rennes, 3h00 from Nantes, 6h00 from Paris.


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    230 € HT, shared double room (permanent researchers, post-docs, students and others)180 € HT, no accommodation at the conference's place (transport to the conference meeting by your own means))



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