[Expired] Researcher in molecular modeling and theoretical chemistry at the interface of chemistry and biology – Permanent position – CBM laboratory – CEA Grenoble (FR)

Research in the Laboratory of Chemistry and Biology of Metals (CBM, Grenoble, France. https://www.cbm-lab.fr/en) focuses on the study of the structure, activity and regulation of complex biological systems that transport and use metal ions, and on the development of bio-inspired systems for applications in health, the environment and energy. The size of the Laboratory and the coherence of its research make it unique at both the national and international levels.

Within the CBM, the CoMX group (Computational chemistry, Modeling and X-rays) brings together experts in theoretical and physical chemistry who apply computational chemistry approaches and synchrotron techniques to answer important questions relating to the structure and reactivity of metal sites. Research themes are centered around understanding the fundamental mechanisms of bioenergetics, bio-inspired catalysis and the interaction between metallic nanomaterials and living matter. CoMX researchers have numerous possibilities for collaboration with the CBM’s experimental groups, allowing both the development of cutting-edge computer tools and the advanced application of computational techniques.

Job offer: Researcher in the CBM/CoMX group, Permanent position (CDI)

The candidate will propose an innovative project, at the interface of chemistry and biology, using the tools of molecular modeling and theoretical chemistry. A focus is on the application of multi-scale approaches to understand the mechanisms of living things leading to advances in the fields of health, energy and the environment. Responsibility in defining the strategy and the direction of the CoMX group is expected in the short or medium term.

Candidates are expected to start in Grenoble before the end of 2021.

Profile of the Candidate:
• A doctorate in theoretical or physical chemistry.
• Scientific expertise in several methods of molecular modeling and simulation, such as quantum chemistry, “docking”, molecular dynamics, molecular mechanics or hybrid QM/MM methods, with applications to biomacromolecules (metalloproteins in particular), organometallic and enzymatic catalysis, and the spectroscopy of organometallic compounds and metalloproteins.
• Postdoctoral experience in a laboratory different from the thesis laboratory, and at least two years of experience (doctoral or postdoctoral) abroad.
• Numerous publications in internationally renowned peer-reviewed journals.
• A demonstrated record of student supervision, project management, and the conduct of interdisciplinary scientific projects in collaboration with teams in France and abroad.
• An excellent command of English, an appreciation for working in a team, and a strong ability to communicate with collaborators and colleagues.

This job is open to everyone, in accordance with the commitments made by the CEA in favor of the integration of people with disabilities.

The post is available from the 1st September 2021

Applications can be submitted online: https://www.emploi.cea.fr/offre-de-emploi/emploi-chercheur-en-modelisation-moleculaire-et-chimie-theorique-a-l-interface-entre-chimie-et-biologie-h-f-_17237.aspx

Deadline for applications: June, 6th 2021

Web: https://www.cbm-lab.fr/en/Pages/COMX/Presentation.aspx