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JBIC Symposium – Energy Conversion Inspired by Bioinorganic Chemistry

4 May 2021

Tue, May 4, 2021 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM CEST

This 2.5 h online-only Symposium features the latest research on Bioinorganic Chemistry for Energy Conversion, presented by JBIC

About this Event

Energy Conversion and Storage is one of the mega topics of the future, and as such also a hot topic in Bioinorganic Chemistry. Building on established kowledge of biological systems, novel chemistry is needed to transform small molecules into valuable feedstock. This symposium shines light on the most recent developments in this rapidly developing area of Bioinorganic Chemistry, presented by some of the leading scientists of the field. The symposium co-host is Dr. Wendy Shaw, Division Director of Physical & Computational Sciences, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.


The Symposium is scheduled for May 4, 2021, 14 – 17 h ET (Eastern Time = New York Time = UTC-4).


The symposium will feature five speakers in two subsequent sessions, in total about 2.5 hours of focused content and discussion. Each contribution will be 15 min., plus five minutes reserved for discussion. There will be virtual Breakout rooms with each individual speaker during the break after each session in order to facilitate interaction with participants (especially PhDs and postdocs).


The symposium will be online only and broadcasted as a life event through Zoom. Registration until 24 h before the event is mandatory for participation. A link will be emailed to all registered participants prior to the meeting.

Speaker List

Alison Fout (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA)

“Oxyanion reduction by bio-inspired iron complexes”

Anne Jones (Arizona State University, USA)

“Going the Distance: Synthetic Analogues of Microbial Nanowires”

Erwin Reisner (Cambridge, UK)

“Semi-artificial photosynthesis with metalloproteins in photoelectrochemical circuits”

Hannah Shafaat (Ohio State University, USA)

“Reconstructing primordial energy conversion processes in model metalloproteins”

Jennifer Yang (UC Irvine, USA)

“Reversible, Efficient, and Selective CO2/HCO2- Conversion: Lessons from Formate Dehydrogenase”


Additional Information

This JBIC Symposium is one in a series of three JBIC Symposia held in the first half of 2021. Check out the other JBIC Symposia on Eventbrite.com, or visit the JBIC page under homepage of the Society of Bioinorganic Chemistry (SBIC) for further information.

Code of Conduct

Disruptive Conduct: The Organizer wishes to create a safe virtual space for all. You acknowledge and agree that The Organizer reserves the right to remove you from the JBIC Symposium if The Organizer, in its sole discretion, determines that your participation or behavior create a disruption or hinder the JBIC Symposium or the enjoyment of the Symposium content by other attendees.

Recording, Live Streaming, and Videotaping: Participants may not record or broadcast audio or video of JBIC Symposia. A recording of the event will available to SBIC members only through the Society’s web site.

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