Olga Iranzo announces that registration to the PEPPER School is now open: http://frenchbic.cnrs.fr/2017/11/08/pepperschool/ 

Biological systems display properties that cannot yet be matched by synthetic approaches. These include the ability to respond to stimuli and to adapt to functionality, to regenerate and efficiently convert energy and to control complex cross-regulated molecular processes. In a biomimetic approach, researchers from different fields have been trying to engineer systems endowed with unprecedented functionalities to fulfil tasks not observed in nature but indeed needed to solve the current societal challenges.

PEPPERSchool will bring together international scientist with complementary competences in the field of peptide/protein chemistry and molecular biology.

The following topics will be covered:

• State of the art chemical and biological tools to produce peptides and proteins

• Advanced methodologies to evolve and screen for new activities: Display technologies (phage display/ribosome display/cis display), Direct evolution, Hybrid systems

• Site-selective modification of peptides and proteins

PEPPERSchool is aimed for PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, principal investigators and any professionals from academia and industry wishing to learn and update their knowledge in the field of tailored-made peptide/protein production.

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