BioMetals 2020

 12th International Biometals Web-Symposium

Web-symposium registration until June 14th

Abstract submission for 5 min-flash presentation still possible until June 6th 2020

New registration prices: 50€ full rate and 25€ student rate

in the limit of 200 participants (hurry up!)

Dear BioMetals future participants,


Unfortunately, the worldwide covid-19 pandemic and the national recommendations applied in several countries including France do not allow us to stay optimistic and to travel during the forthcoming months.


–The Biometals2020 symposium will not take place in Villard de Lans in July 2020 –


After discussion, and considering the already overcrowded 2021 summer in other bioinorganic conferences, 

we decided to transform BioMetals 2020 in a live Web-symposium, that should take place from July 6th to 10th 2020.


More than 90% of the invited speakers have accepted to present their work online in live.

This virtual Biometals symposium will be a unique new adventure that we hope you will share with us !


We know that it will never replace a face-to-face Symposium, but it will be better than nothing. The positive point is that it will be economically and ecologically satisfying.


Invited speakers will present their work in live between 3pm and 7pm (European hour) in order to be compatible with American continent timing. Oral communications, broadcast during the symposium, will have been recorded. Posters have been transformed in 5min recorded flash presentations


Registration to the Web-symposium should give access to:
- the Biometals2020 Symposium sessions by link on 5 days
- the visualization of oral and flash presentations on a secure cloud (but not record)
- the booklet with all the abstracts

- the listing and addresses of all participants
- Access to thematic friendly discussions in virtual rooms (if possible)

- A certificate of attendance to the virtual Biometals2020 International Conference

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